Just like the Metaphysical artists from the early 1900s, Fabio Novembre depicts his muses as faceless figures, intent on not seeing nor hearing the tragic events that dominated the era. He traps them in metal, blocking them. And perfectly expressing the paralysis of World War I. Muse is exclusively available as a table lamp.

“In 1916, to escape from the atrocious folly of war, a group of young men pretend to be sick in the military medical center of Villa Seminario in Ferrara. Those guys were called: Giorgio De Chirico, Carlo Carrà, Alberto Savinio and Filippo De Pisis. The denial of reality led them to create an alternative reality that they called Metaphysics. A world of muses and enigma, of concerns and charms. Muse is my tribute to those guys.”
Fabio Novembre


Year: 2012
Dimensions: 46 x 56 x 56 cm
Material: Marble base, opal blown glass in metal structure
Color: Grass green, milk-white