NEMO (Miniatura)

Nemo, the iconic mask-armchair designed by Fabio Novembre' in 2010, has also become a miniature object representing Driade's design. Already available in the glossy polyethylene version in white, black, red, grey and metallic gold or silver, Mini Nemo is now available in a brand-new velvet version which, together with the personalisation on a steel plaque, makes it a precious object and particularly suitable for a designer gift.

“Nemo, presented for the first time during Salone del Mobile 2010, is the manifestation of a design that enhances the human figure and was proposed as a face with classic lineaments that reveals an inner seating element. A human figure capable of becoming abstract and universal, able to propose a mythologized beauty as in ancient Greek art. In 2010 it happens that the name Nemo immediately evokes the little fish protagonist of the Pixar Movie in 2003. If this question had been asked at the end of the XIX century probably the answer would have been the Captain Nemo protagonist of the book written by Jules Verne in 1870: twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Going further in time, in a classical era around the 800 b.C, Nemo should have been the name chosen by Odisseo to deceive Polifemo the cyclops of the Homer epic poem. Odisseo, who is used to disguise, declares that his name is Nemo, no-one in order to escape from certain death: the destruction of the personality under the survival instinct. Despite I deeply feel a man of my era, the greek origins of my native land make me associate Nemo to Odisseo. The name becomes a mask used to hide the identity. Mask that in the greek theatre is called also persona recalling the name sound that plays the part of amplifying the voice. A project born between the drawing by Ponti of 1950 “Un disegno è un’idea” and the romance by Pirandello of 1926 “Uno, nessuno e centomila” for creating a new identity without sexual and geographical features. An identity denied a renewed idea of collectivity made of eyes that search each other beyond the borders and barriers.”
Fabio Novembre


Year: 2022
Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 13 cm
Material: Polyethylene
Color: Silver, Gold, Black, red, green, yellow, blue, rose velvet